Camera- and Lens-controlled Image Characteristics

  • Field of view (angle)
  • Depth of field (distance)
  • Motion blur threshold (relative speed)
  • Cleanliness (signal-to-noise ratio)
  • Detail (perceived spatial resolution)

Underlying physical properties of the image composition

  • Subject distance
  • Light intensity at lens (illuminance)

Underlying physical properties/settings of the camera system

  • Lens focal length (distance)
  • Lens entrance pupil diameter/size (distance/area)
  • Shutter speed (time)
  • Capture area ratio
  • Sensor resolution
  • Lens sharpness

Intermediate properties

  • Lens captured light (luminous flux) ~ lens entrance area x light intensity [lumens]
  • Sensor captured light (?) ~ lens captured light x capture area ratio area x shutter speed [lumen seconds]
  • Sensor captured light intensity (luminous exposure) ~ sensor captured light / sensor size [lux seconds]